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How to display TM1Web applications

Create a new widget inside a Dashboard and set its Type to “tm1-web”:

Important: to be able to use a tm1-web widget type the tm1web configuration needs to be adapted. In fact, Apliqo UX will connect directly to the TM1 web instance referenced in the configuration and display its objects like a web browser would do when surfing the TM1 web page. Refer to the installation and configuration guide to find out what steps to execute to configure it and to this address:

After setting the Widget type to “tm1-web”, it will be possible to select the Subtype, in order to choose which tm1web application to display by default when the widget is loaded:

After selecting the cube type,it will be possible to choose the default application to be displayed (from a list of cube views or web sheets, depending on the selection made on the previous step).

Cube and view – when cube View is selected as Subtype:

Or web sheets:

Let’s select Retail cube and Default view. The result is as follows:

Note that it is still possible to navigate throughout the TM1web applications, both cube views and web sheets, using the selectors in the upper part of the widget:

Additionally, the tm1web widget is able to catch the contest of the dashboard and pass it to tm1web to adapt what is displayed. In fact, changing the filters in the Filter bar will cause a refresh of the View / Web sheet displayed:

After selecting Year 2014 (that has no data on it):

The view in tm1web is automatically refreshed with the new context filters, and no data is shown since the zero suppression is on in this view.


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