Components Overview

App Launcher

Clicking on an app would take you to the first Dashboard / Report set on this app

  • Navigation Bar

    Allows to navigate to any part of the application with just 1 click

  • Toolbar

    The toolbar allows different functionality, depending on the current View type (Dashboards / View )

    Custom buttons for opening custom pop-ups could be defined per view

  • When creating a view / dashboard, and administrator can control which of these buttons and popups to be shown and in which order. For example, also a subset selection for columns may be inserted in the toolbar, as well as the zero suppression for columns. Action buttons running TI processes could also be shown in the toolbar (like the “Create Dim” one in the screenshot.)
  • Filter Bar

    Has 2 modes:

    1. Display Only
    2. Active Mode – Allows to the user change the selections for each dimension on filter


    In Display Mode the filters are bolded and on a blue button background.

    In Active Mode the filters display as Subset-Dropdowns and are clickable and allow direct text entry for wildcard searching.


    To switch from one mode to the other click the blue “Active filter” text:


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