Maps is one of the widget types available in the the Apliqo UX. Example of the Map widget can be seen below:

In order to select Map, chose widget type: “Maps” and then select desired Map (World in this example)

Data source require at least two dimensions:

  • Rows: Measure defining displayed value on the map. List type should be set to Element and one measure should be selected. In this example it is Actual vs Budget.
  • Columns: Region dimension, with a CountryCode attribute set up (two letter shortcuts, like: GB, RU, PL etc). List type is to be set to Subset. It’s advised to use All N elements subset to make sure no elements are skipped.

Remaining dimensions should be put to either widget od global settings.

Selected data source then looks like this:

Most used advanced Maps options:

  • mapSelect: defines Selection of maps to show, so users can easily switch for example between world and continents (selector is seen on the top right corner of the map widget).
  • Color Axis: Allows to define DataClasses, using “From”, “To” and “Color” to define color per data range.

Example of the setup can be seen below:


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