Upgrade from 2.5.x to 2.5.2 process

For existing customers currently running on UX versions 2.5.0 or 2.5.1 the upgrade to 2.5.2 process is really easy, but does require updating any existing content stores in addition to running the UX installer.

 If you have Cubewise Pulse installed you can use the online migration package below which will automate the entire upgrade process.

2.5.2 Pulse Online Package

In case Pulse is not available, you can use the following offline package. Please pay attention as its needs to be done in 2 steps. (see below).

2.5.2 Offline Loose File Package

Note:  Upgrade your Content Store instance first. After completing the Content Store update, you can then simply use the installer and update your existing webapps to complete the upgrade process.

Offline package process (loose file upgrade)

Step 0: 

  • take a backup of the current content store
  • unzip the Offline loose file package to a local directory
  • stop the ContentStore TM1 service

Step 1:

  • From the loose file upgrade directory copy ONLY the files }APQ.UX.Server.Upgrade.pro and }APQ.UX.Server.Maintenance.pro files to the Content Store data directory and restart the instance
  • execute the process '}APQ.UX.Server.Upgrade'

Step 2: 

  • copy all objects from the offline package to the existing content store data folder (override files which exist already in the directory)
  • start the ContentStore TM1 service 
  • Re-run the process '}APQ.UX.Server.Upgrade'

After the process has completed you can run the Apliqo 2.5.2.exe installer to update your existing web apps to the latest version.


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