Daily Maintenance Job

The daily maintenance job should usually be scheduled during the overnight batch window before the start of the business day. By default the job is scheduled to run daily at 5am local time. Adjust as appropriate.

The job carries out the following essential functions:

  • Ensure all required attributes in the ContentStore exist
  • Maintain all standard subsets within the ContentStore
  • Maintain "Relative Time" consolidations (Current Day, Current Month, etc.)
  • Ensures all users are members of the built-in APQ User group
  • Maintain element security on the UX App dimension

After initial ContentStore configuration this chore should be run manually to ensure all required objects exist and all subsets are creates/updated.

During the initial run of the maintenance job scan the server message log and the logging directory and investigate if any errors.  

After the process has run you can open the Default view of the cube }APQ UX Process Execution Log. The current year and current date should be selected in the filter and you should see the sub-processes of the maintenance chore displayed at the top of the view. This is a good test that subsets and relative time reporting have been successfully maintained.


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