New Features

1. New Look and Feel

The UX Version 2.0 comes with a completely new look and feel in almost every part including :

  1. App Launcher and Application Title Bar
  2. New Navigation Bar
    • Allows users to navigate to any part of the application within 2 clicks 
  3. Tool bar
  4. Title bar and Filter bar
  5. Widgets Frames on dashboard
2. Improved User Experience

2.1. Apps/Views Management

The Views management has been redesigned and features the following :

  1. Access to all apps and views with hierarchical navigation structure
  2. All configurations to views are done via dedicated pop-ups from the navigation page
  3. When creating a new View / Dashboard default settings are applied based on selected cube source
  4. Set icons for apps
  5. Search on the full tree for any app/dashboard/view/widget



2.2. Improved Filter bar component

The new filters offers 2 states :

  1. Title mode - Values for all filters are highlighted in blue and are not selectable
  2. Active mode -  the filter values to be changed
    • The drop down SUBNM component has been improved and now automatically closes when clicking outside the dropdown



2.3. Dynamic Components Across the application

Each one of the main components of the application can be individually set to  show / hide

  1. Navigation bar
  2. Toolbar (in addition each button can be individually set to show / hide)
  3. Filter Bar (in addition "Active Filters" can also be turned off)
  4. Dashboard / View title

Each configurations option can be set at any level (App / View / Dashboard / Widget) and be inherited to the components and can be overwritten at any level

2.4. Enter "Edit Mode" directly from any Dashboard or View

The new "Edit Mode" allows authorized users to access the Dashboard / View configuration directly from within the page they are looking at.

By selecting edit-mode, new buttons are displayed, which will enable the same configuration pop-ups, as are available from the View Management app.

All changes made in edit mode  are dynamically applied without the need for the user to refresh the page.

3. Wizard / Work-flow component

A new Wizard component allows business process flows to be a broken down to small and simple steps which end users can understand and follow without any training / explanation.

The wizard is built out of Steps (from left to right) and Sub-Steps ((from top to bottom). Each sup-step or step is reached by clicking on "Next" or the navigation pane.

Validation can be added to any sub-step or step such that navigation to the next screen is not possible without all data entry of the preceding step being complete and validated. This allows for a true business process workflow to be built and truly intuitive applications for users to use.

Each Sub-Step of a wizard could be either a Dashboard or View and can potentially be duplicated/copied from anywhere else in the application..


4. New Widgets

4.1. Org Chart

The Org chart widget can  help visualize complex hierarchical structure.

It can also be used as a filter to interact with other widgets.

4.2. Iframe Widget

With the Iframe widget you can easily embed any external content from applications / websites that support this functionally.

It could used to integrate content from be Youtube , SharePoint , Office 365 documents , intranet pages and much more.

4.3. Comment Widget

The comment widget can be integrated into any dashboard and references any string cell from the PA /  TM1 model.

5. Existing Widgets Improvements

5.1. new Waterfall chart

The new waterfall chart has a better design, is more responsive in different screen sizes, and supports further advanced options.

5.2. Improvements to Maps

There are 3 major improvements to the Maps widget :

  1. Ability to switch to different maps directly from the dashboard
  2. Interactivity with other widgets - clicking on the map will filter the other widgets for the selected country / region.
  3. Ability to define the colors of the countries / region based on conditional value.

5.3. Charts Advanced options

Using the charts advanced options, you can customize any chart with the following :

  1. Combine different type charts ( Columns / Lines )
  2. Adjust series colors
  3. Modify the X and Y axis titles ( on / off , color , font size )
  4. Multiple Y axes  


6. Drill to another View

Ability to configure a drill to any other Dashboard / View from any element on the Rows dimension.

The selected element will persist in the settings , and the Target View will be filtered with that value.

7. Mobile and Tablet modes improvements

Version 2.0 is more responsive to screen sizes and has a unique design for Mobile and Tablet usage.

In the mobile mode, the application has a clean and simple look and feel, and  all the options which are dedicated for Desktop usage are hidden. (e.g. Toolbar, App Launcher, Navigation Bar)

Instead , there is a dedicated Menu for the Mobile mode, which allows to set which Apps & Views should appear on the mobile Menu.

In addition, for each dashboard, you can control how the dashboard would look on any screen size.

Each widget could be set to different width depending on screen size, or could even be hidden entirely from view for a selected screen size.

This allows you to build dashboard which could have a complete different look & feel on each screen size.

8. Conditional Formatting

The table components (views / widgets), allow cell formatting to be set  based on values coming from PA / TM1.

Any format / style  ( image / text color / background color ), can be applied based on a different value / range of values.


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