Bug Fixes

1. Spinning Icon appears on charts while data loading after filter change

2. Control objects cubes and dimensions could be used in the view definition

3. Create a new Dashboard / View / Pop-up

4. Re-order undefined dimensions does not break the view setup

5. Dimensions on Global Filter could be set without attribute

6. IBCS title show same titles as filter bar

7. Tooltip was added to show full Dimension name on view definition

8. MDX queries with Undefined values will not be triggered

9. Changing the cube source on a widget will automatically refresh to list of undefined dimensions

10. Colors for charts defined in TM1 / PA will show right color on initial load and any data refresh

11. User Default Values will be loaded only once on logon to keep selected values when browsing to different view

12. Subsets on big dimensions( >100K elements ) will show the full hierarchy with expend and collapse feature

13. SSO is now available as a sign in option


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