New Features

1. New Planning Component with Search, Sort, Keyboard Navigation ,Copy-Paste and much more

We have integrated a complete new planning component , which offers the following features :

  1. Search for any number or text
  2. Sort on any column
  3. Support of keyboard cell navigation
  4. Adjustable column width (which is saved per user and report)  
  5. Copy full table to Excel using Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C
  6. Paste from Excel / other source to update TM1/PA
  7. Drag down a cell to copy the value to other cells
  8. Supports thousands of records
  9. Supports Date picker and check box formats 

2. App / View Definition Restructure

The app and views structure has been re-factored to allow more flexibility and freedom and includes the following improvements :

  1. Create new apps directly from the user interface
  2. Breadcrumbs for internal navigation within the view definition app from the header to all levels
  3. Separate button to load the report directly    
  4. Single app can support multiple view types (Dashboard / Planning / Analytic)
  5. Toolbar pop-ups can now be defined on dashboards as well
  6. Delete an app from the user interface
  7. Single app view when clicking on an app from the main view
  8. Icon on cards to distinguish between dashboard and planning views
  9. Set order of views within an app per drag-and-drop

3. Export to Excel

Views can now be exported to Excel by clicking a button on the toolbar.

4. TM1 / PA Web Integration

Any public TM1 Web cube view or websheet can be embedded in dashboards or pop-ups using a new widget type. Use the Apliqo UX filterbar to dynamically drive the title elements of the TM1 web content. 


5. New Widget Types :

5.1. World / Regional Maps

The new map widget can be used to visualize data of any cube. It only requires an attribute with the ISO code of the specific map areas to be defined on the driving dimension. This new widget comes with 25 maps to choose from but you can easily bring in your custom maps or even other graphical shapes (like floor-plans) in SVG format.

5.2. New Advanced Chart Library

There is a new chart library, based on the popular Highcharts engine, which offers better graphics, download and export a single chart to PDF or different image types. The new chart widget renders faster and has a lot of options to customize it to your needs.

The current version supports bar, line, area and pie charts.

5.3. KPI Widget

Single or multiple KPIs can be configured in the view definition by easily setting the versions to compare and the list of elements to calculate the KPI result for.

In the example below , Actual vs. Budget KPI is calculated for all countries from the Region dimension on the selected account (Net income is current value)

6. Advanced Cross Drill Feature

The Cross Drill functionality has a couple of new features :

  1. Each Cross drill can be closed separately by clicking the matching X button, and all Drills can be closed by clicking on the X button on the first column header.
  2. By clicking on drilled element of a dimension which is used in the filterbar, the filter value will be set to the selected element, and the view will be refreshed.


7. Error Messages when Widget / View is not properly set

When widget / view settings are wrong or incomplete, an error message will appear for the corresponding widget / view.

By clicking on details, the error message returned by TM1 / PA will be displayed.

8. Pop-Ups with Tabs

When setting up toolbar / table pop-ups, a new option allows to display each widget in a separate tab. By default the widgets will by arranged in the same responsive dashboard layout as in previous versions.


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