Bug Fixes

  1. When user attempts to log into an instance that is not the contentStore, after login the user would be directed to the application.
  2. When using  check-box fields on multiple grid-widgets, the view will stop going to an infinite loop of refresh.
  3. Disable table pop-up for specific rows (based on attribute value) will be respected on grid widget as well.
  4. Long pick-lists will appear with vertical and horizontal scroll-bars.
  5. User default settings - can now select a default value for alternate hierarchy.
  6. When using an HTML widget , and the HTML file is missing / not define , a correct error message will appear.
  7. Cross-drill on grid widget works with widget internal filter.
  8. Pop-up settings (Size / Widget allocation) will not be lost when using the cube pop-up settings.
  9. Org-Chart widget - working without selecting an attribute.
  10. #153: SSO does not work anymore after Inactivity Logout


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