Technical Requirements

1. Supported Browsers

Chrome / Safari / Edge / Firefox

IE-11 (with limited support)

We recommend using Chrome for best user desktop experience. 

2. Memory Requirements

Minimum required RAM, 1024 MB

We recommend allocating minimum 4096 MB for the Apliqo Application Server.

3. TM1 Server Version

3.1. UX Content Store instance

Minimum required version 11.3 (PAL 2.0.5)

We recommend 11.6+ (PAL 2.0.8+)

3.2. Reporting / Database instance(s)

Minimum required version 10.2.2 FP4

We recommend 11.6+ (PAL 2.0.8+)

We recommend keeping the TM1 server version in sync between reporting instances and Content Store.


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