Bug Fixes

  1. Drill on charts - some more complicated use cases were not working
  2. Unable to save formulas to advanced options (issue #127)
  3. Alternate hierarchy support for "fixed" dimensions in Views and Widgets
  4. KPI Widget localization - remove hardcoding of K for thousands and M for millions and apply correct localized abbreviations
  5. Edit mode in Wizards - upon change the current active step / sub-step retains focus and does not jump back to the start of the wizard
  6. Newly created private apps only available to the creating user after security refresh
  7. Unable to paste multi-line formatted HTML into info box  (issue #89)
  8. Default element selection queries same named hierarchy where list type is subset and an alternate hierarchy is selected (issue #122)
  9. KPI Trend - chart columns are not updating properly (issue #125)
  10. Using '&' in PickList results in failure of the request to TM1 server
  11. Allow changing global filter for elements after cross-drill in grid widget 
  12. Saved added columns would disappear after changing a filter value on view.


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