Bug Fixes

  1. Reports which are marked as inactive now have the correct behavior and will not be visible on the AppBar for the Admin user.
  2. Zero suppression configuration in Wizards will work when navigating to any step (issue #83)
  3. Expand / Collapse when stacking dimension on rows will show the correct results.
  4. Users who are members of the "ADMIN" group or the built-in Admin user on the content store can run any create/duplicate/move process without additional security groups assigned (issue #78)
  5. Data input not working for intersections referencing alternate hierarchies (issue #82)
  6. Disabling real time calculation does not work on first screen of wizard (issue #87)
  7. Unable to access subset editor on rows for views which are in a wizard (issue #88)
  8. Only able to export to PDF on first screen of a wizard (issue #91)
  9. Data entry is interrupted by auto-refresh (issue #102)
  10. Performance issue due to unwanted page refresh when using edit mode (issue #103)
  11. If clicking outside grid after data entry instead of hitting enter or tab key the new value is not stored (issue #107)
  12. Duplicating a dashboard does not copy all objects (issue #108)
  13. Copy/paste from Excel not working correctly (issue #55)
  14. Dimension captions are not shown as row and filterBar labels (issue #53)
  15. Widget title doesn't update in edit mode cube settings dialog (issue #60)
  16. Cell annotations feature not working (issue #71)
  17. Installer not working properly (issue #70)
  18. Subset Editor and subset list type in View Definition are not hierarchy aware (issue #75)
  19. Background table classes don't work on editable cells as the default "updateable" cell style has priority (issue #109)
  20. Can't navigate to wizard if first step is deleted (issue #95)
  21. Can't override the back and cancel button captions in wizard.
  22. While inputting into a grid on a dashboard,  other widgets on page will no longer be refreshed while making changes.
  23. Tree-map chart:- make sure colors are different on any level after drilling down.


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