Bug Fixes

  1. When sending a value with more than 3 digits after the decimal ( e.g 10.231243) the full value will be captured in TM1.
  2. Export to PDF on a wizard , will export the current sub-step you are on.
  3. Newly created widgets / sub-views which are not yet published, will not be visible when edit-mode is off.
  4. Wizard sub-steps menu when collapsed , will hide the entire sub-step name.
  5. Auto refresh off will apply as expected when disabled on initial dashboard load.
  6. Custom format would apply on added rows and columns.
  7. Table + line chart widget will render properly.
  8. Changing the zero suppression settings on a single widget , will be reflected directly when closing the pop-up.
  9. KPI-Simple widget - removed the dependency on the 'description' attribute.


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