Bug Fixes

  1. Variance chart scaling in both Views and Dashboard Grid Widgets corrected to show the correct bar size.
  2. In a wizard, navigating via the next button from the last sup-step will now always take the user to the first sub-step on the next step.
  3. Zero suppression configuration in Wizards will work when navigating to any step (issue #83).
  4. Users who are members of the "ADMIN" group or the built-in Admin user on the content store can run any create / duplicate / move app process without additional security groups assigned (issue #78).  
  5. Columns show / hide dropdown:- removed the dependency in the 'Group' attribute (or any other attribute). Coulumn grouping now will work in all cases.
  6. Info tool-tip able to be displayed for widgets on table / toolbar pop-ups.
  7. Line chart - ignore stacked chart configuration to avoid displaying mis-guided chart.
  8. Login with wrong credentials will show a the correct error message.
  9. Reports which are marked as inactive for will not be visible on the appbar for the Admin user.


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