New Features and Enhancements

1. Improvements to Login & Logout screens

Login screen

  • The drop-down to select the instance (referring to the Content Store instance by default) is now hidden from the user, making the login process more intuitive
  • Should a session to an instance time out or a screen require a new authentication to an instance then the user will receive an authentication challenge with the appropriate instance name pre-selected
  • Both the background image and the logo image can now be easily customized using the default constants settings.  


Automatic logout on session time out

Should the user session time out the application will automatically direct to the logout screen. This ensures no confidential data could be seen by an unauthorized user.

2. Media Viewer & Uploader widget

UX 2.4.2 comes with a new widget which allows uploading, storage and display of different media types in your app.

The media upload widget can be used on any dashboard / table & filter pop-ups.

The supported media types are :

  • Images extensions : jpg ,jpeg ,png ,gif ,jfif ,apng ,bmp ,ico ,cur ,pjpeg ,pjp ,svg ,tif ,tiff ,webp
  • Videos extensions : mpeg, mp4, ogm, ogv, ogg, webm
  • Documents: pdf

This allows you to build rich applications and upload visual aids for users without requiring any code or customization.

3. Auto-refresh toggle button

Following user feedback we added back the option to turn-off the auto-refresh mode. This allows users to have full control of the refresh behaviour of the grid during data input and allows for a fluid user experience for bulk data input.

4. Browser tab displays view or dashboard name

The current view or dashboard name will now be displayed on the browser tab. If you open multiple views in separate browser tabs you can now easily identify which application is open in which tab.


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