Bug Fixes

  1. Unintended table refresh while user actively typing in a cell / when pick-list drop down is open /  when using the keyboard navigation keys. 
  2. Copy and paste from excel now accepts "()" for negative numbers and will respect local windows settings for decimal and thousands separators. 
  3. Clicking on cube settings icon resets pre-defined style for view / grid back to default.
  4. Expand/collapse on view with multiple sub-views under certain circumstances can misalign grid values with row and column headings.
  5. Expand/collapse or cross drill on alternative hierarchy can show incorrect results in grid.
  6. Italic style markup not applying correctly in text-box widget.
  7. Global application variables for thousands and decimal separators will also apply on to charts as well as tables.
  8. When using cross-drill allow filtering the view by clicking on the element from the rows.
  9. Input on the last row in a big view does not capture the input value. 
  10. Respect dimension captions on the cube settings pop-up
  11. Respect dimension captions on row dimension titles
  12. When hiding the toolbar in a wizard, also allow to unhide it. 
  13. Fix the overlap problem with the search box and internal filter SUBNM dropdowns 


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