Bug Fixes

  1. On FilterBar, when selecting an element which was not on the initial list (after drilling down in the subset or launching subset editor) the element is now correctly selected.
  2. While typing a value into a cell, if the view auto-refreshed during the data entry the contents of the cell where data entry was in progress revert to the original value and input is lost. This has been fixed and data input improved for typing long strings or numbers. A view will now never auto-refresh while data input is in progress.
  3. When using Copy/Paste into a view for range of cells, ensure the pasted cells which are editable will always get updated with new values, even in cases where the initial part of the target range being pasted into is read only.
  4. Variance charts when stacking dimensions on columns are now working.
  5. Performance improvement on reports which using variance charts so they will render faster.
  6. When using the Wizard sub-step collapse/expand toggle button - will adjust the view width to leverage all the space.
  7. Allow using the browser back/forward buttons and accelerator keys.  
  8. When running a TI from a table or toolbar pop-up other widgets on the pop-up are now refreshed automatically on process completion.
  9. Allow sorting of dashboards and views within a folder in the app management.
  10. When opening a table pop-up, when dimension from the main view is set as global filter on the pop-up, use the correct elements from the rows on the filter.
  11. Search box on grid widget will not overlap with widget internal filters if they exist.
  12. Allow selection of any TM1 websheet within the 'Websheet' application folder.


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