New Features and Enhancements

1. Full support for Alternate Hierarchies

UX 2.4.1 allows alternative hierarchies to be leveraged in many ways:

  • Alternate Hierarchies can be used on Filters, Fixed, Rows & Columns. Multiple alternate hierarchies from a single dimension can be used in different locations in the view.
  • When used on rows, you can drill down on the alternate hierarchies, including when more then one hierarchy from the same dimension are stacked together.
  • Where alternate hierarchies exist, these can also be used with the cross-drill feature.

The screenshot below shows 4 hierarchies of the product dimension being used in 4 locations in the view: 2 hierarchies on filter and 2 hierarchies stacked on rows.

The screenshot below shows how the view is configured.

The screenshot below shows alternate hierarchies being used in the cross-drill. The Product by Category hierarchy on rows has already had the Bikes category drilled down by Size. The cross-drill is now being executed on the Clothing category.

2. Improvement to column layout in Views and Grid widgets

In order to improve the layout of any grid widget or view, you can now preset each column's width in the advanced options.

While creating or editing a view you can adjust the columns width on the main view / grid similar to excel by dragging the column handles in the header row, then when clicking on the "column widths: Save to Options" button, the columns width definition will be stored in the view settings.

Note: Preset column widths take precedence over browser cached column widths. If the preset column width feature is enabled for a specific view then individual users will no longer be able to resize columns and have the UX remember their column widths the next time they open that view.

3. Info on wizard steps and sub-steps

UX 2.4.1 allows using the info icon on wizard level, or any wizard step / sub-step. On mouse-click (or press on touch devices) a tooltip text will be displayed which can give end-users additional context and instructions to complete the wizard steps and understand what expected from them in the particular screen.

4. Views zero suppression with multiple sub-views

The logic behind the rows zero suppression when using the view component with multiple sub-views has been improved.

In case zero suppression on rows is enabled, the report designer can now choose which sub-view should act as the "zero-supression master" for the purpose of suppressing empty rows. By default if no selection is made then the zero-supression master will be assumed to be the first sub-view.

The default settings can be overridden by choosing any sub-view on the cube settings pop-up.

Benefits of this enhancement are:

  • Ensure there is no miss-alignment in the data which is displayed on the view across all sub-views.
  • Easier to set and configure.
  • Reduces MDX query execution time, therefore¬†improving overall performance.

A separate enhancement allows the columns zero suppression to be set for each sub-view individually.

5. Charts and maps

UX 2.4.1 permits setting percentage format on Charts and Maps toolip.

6. MDX error  handling

When a data query fails, the character position in the MDX which the API reports as the first failing position syntax error will be highlighted. This facilitates trouble-shooting and error resolution.


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