Bug Fixes

  1. Grid widgets will load correctly on initial loading of Wizard 
  2. When applying Zebra style on a view (or any other style), apply only to selected view in the application
  3. Cross Drill on correct subset when subset selection is enabled on columns
  4. Disable Drag & Drop option on FilterBar SUBNM drop-downs  
  5. When using multiple sub-views with same dimensions on columns allow using Subset as List type and refer to different subsets
  6. Fix navigation to a Dashboard / Wizard / Views which are located within a sub-folder
  7. Export button on Wizard now appears
  8. Views / Dashboards set to inactive  should not appear in the AppBar
  9. Hide context menu on tables when all options are disabled
  10. Tables rows misalignment issue resolved on tables and on the Table+Chart widget
  11. Pivot rows and columns maintain the display attribute of the original location
  12. Rows & Columns Dimension Label / Caption appears on the toolbar Tool-Tip for subset selection drop-down
  13. App management is responsive immediately after page loads
  14. Spark-line can be enabled on any view without issues
  15. Remove length limit for Application name
  16. Store all values when editing the Label value for more then 1 dimension on the Cube settings pop-up
  17. App Launcher on mobile mode stay on top when scrolling down the page
  18. KPI Simple Widget works with internal filters
  19. Export to Excel on grid widget is enabled by default  


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