Apliqo End UserUX Release Notes UX Version 2.4New Parameters on Default Constants (Custom folder)

New Parameters on Default Constants (Custom folder)

  • 'NUMBER_FORMAT': '#,###;(#,###);0;-',
    • Allow to set the  number format for all views and grid widgets ( When format is not set on PA / TM1).


    • Allow to set the default time in seconds , which the UX will wait before updating a View / Dashboard , when inputting numbers.
    • this allow smooth input when users want to input many cells 1 after the other,
    • the refresh delay time could be overwritten on a view / grid widget level ( could be set to 0 if you like to force immediate refresh after each cell update)


  • 'LOGIN_LOGO': 'logo2017-01.png', 
    • Allow to set the Image file which will be used on the Login and Logout screens. The image should be stored under the imaged folder in the custom folder.  (Default is Apliqo logo)


  •  "lang": [        "en",        "de"    ],
    • Set available languages for users (when only 1 language is set , no options will be displayed ) ,


  • "tableClass": [            "zebra",            "noBorders"        ],
    • If you would like to create ( or remove) new styles that will be available on all Grid widgets / Views , you can simply add the new class into the array.


  • 'USE_FAVORITES':true,
    • Allow to enable / disable favorites for the entire application.


  • Spreading - allows to control the spreading options that will be available for the user when spreading is enabled.
    • could be overwritten on a view / grid widget level.

 "spreadingItems": {

            'proportional': true,

            'equal': true,

            'repeat': true,

            'percentChange': true,

            'straightLine': true,

            'growth': true,

            'clear': true,

            'relativeProportionalSpread': false,

            'relativePercentAdjustment': false,

            'repeatLeaves': true,

            'repeatAllLeaves': true,

            'equalSpreadLeaves': true,

            'equalSpreadAllLeaves': true,

            'custom': true




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