New Features and Enhancements

1. User Favorites

  • Each User , can now easily set his own list of favorites , and be able to easily navigate to each one of his favorties , from a dedicated menu.
  • Any dashboard / View / Wizard can be set as a user favorite.


2. Predefined Style for Views and Tables

When using the grid widget or the view component, you can now choose from between the 3 following styles.

  1. Default
  2. Zebra (stripped table with alternate row shading)
  3. No cell borders at all

The defined style for the zebra grid can easily be edited to different colors. In addition, you can add more predefined styles using a custom CSS.

3. New KPI Widget

A new KPI widget has been added to the widget collection. The "KPI Simple" widget creates a number of KPI boxes based on the elements set on rows, and will automatically calculate the variance for the 2 selected references on the columns.

In order to use the KPI Simple widget , data should structured in the following way :

4. Additional Options for Widgets

Analysis capabilities have been enhanced for dashboards. Using a new "kebab menu" you can now have more power to analyze and understand the displayed data by selecting from the options:

  1. Pivot Rows/Columns (swap the layout of rows to columns & vice versa)
  2. Show source data (for non-grid widgets toggle the widget between grid & the selected visualization)
  3. Zero suppression toggle for rows & columns
  4. Subset editor (for row & column dimensions)
  5. Individual widget export to Excel  

4.1. Pivot Rows & Columns

4.2. Show the source data behind any widget

4.3. Modify List of elements on rows and columns using the subset editor

4.4. Zero suppression toggle

4.5. Single widget export  

5. New chart type: Stacked Column / Bar


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