New Features and Enhancements

1. Folders Within Apps

  • UX version 2.2.1 allows creating folders on apps, offering more flexibility for user navigation and reports grouping. Any depth of folders within folders can be created within an app before the final level of Dashboard, View or Wizard.


2. Filters Drop Downs Performance

In UX Version 2.2.1 we have rebuilt the Filter bar drop-down component to cope with very large dimensions of (1 Million elements and above) without suffering from any performance impact to rendering, scrolling or filtering of the drop-down list.

This improves the performance of the entire application.

In addition, the button to open the subset editor is now integrated into the drop-down.

3. More Information on Dashboards & Views

 In UX Version 2.2.1 you can offer more information to help end-users understand the purpose of any dashboard / planning template.

 By doing a mouse hover-over the "info" icon any text entered in the app's info attribute will be displayed. The "info" icon is context sensitive and will only be displayed if the attribute text has been entered in the View Management app.

4. View Definition Enhancements

4.1. App Protection

A new option to make an app protect / unprotect apps.

A protected app cannot be deleted or modified. (Modification = any change to the apps components, that is the addition or deletion of any components).

This feature allows to lock down critical apps to prevent accidental or unauthorized modification. 

Power Users with privileges to author / publish modify reports do not have access to change the protected state of an app.

Only Users assigned to the ApliqoUX admin group can change the protected status.

4.2. Move Apps

A new option to quickly move content within the application has been added.  

Note: that in order to be moved apps must be unprotected.

4.3. Navigate to View / Dashboard Button

A new button to directly open a dashboard / View from the View Management app.

This allows apps to be viewed which are inactive and are therefore not displayed in the menu and are not accessible to end-users.

This allows for a WYSIWYG check while creating/editing an app without needing to make the app active.

5. Improvements to TI Pop-Ups

While in Edit-Mode you can now access the action buttons settings directly from the views. 

6. New Edit Mode Button

In UX Version 2.2.1 comes with a new edit mode button, which is located at the top right of screen on the master-header to the left of the admin apps and user settings icons.

The configurations buttons on the toolbar and widget level will only appear only when Edit mode is turned on.

End Users without editing privileges do not have the option to enable edit mode or to navigate to the view management app. (The edit mode and admin apps icons are only visible to members of the power user and admin groups.)


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