New Features and Enhancements

1. Multi Instance

  • UX version 2.2 allows connecting to multiple admin hosts / servers / instances and allows users to combine data from all the PA/TM1 instances in the corporate environment. (Even instances from different environments or running different versions of PA).
  • The UX content store can be set as a completely separate PA instance, which means there is no need to add any objects or adjust any security on existing PA/TM1 instances ("database instances"). Using a separate instance for the UX content store is the recommended default configuration.


The multi-instance concept goes both ways. That is:

  1. A UX application can be built which sources data from multiple database instances within a single web application
  2. Multiple UX web applications could point to the same database instance. For example a separate finance application versus sales application versus HR application, with each having a separate entry URL and separate menu system and security.

2. Admin Apps

In UX Version 2.2 , you can easily build admin apps or convert any existing public app to a admin app. This allows for more flexibility on application look and feel as well as limiting admin apps to certain classes of user.

3. New Combined Table + Chart Widget

UX version 2.2 comes with a new Table+Chart Widget

The Widget has advanced options such as:

  • Hiding certain columns from the chart which remain visible in the table (for example "Total" columns)
  • Hiding certain rows from the chart (in the example below 'EMEA' and 'Asia' are not drawn on the chart)
  • Colors are automatically matched both on the Chart and Table and respect the color attribute settings
  • The same component is reused as all other grid widgets so supports all out of the box features like commentary, cross-drill, drill-through, conditional formatting, sorting, etc.


4. View Definition Enhancements

4.1. Adding dimensions to the filter

A "+" button has been added which enables adding any dimension (or alternate hierarchy) from the available  instances to the filter bar. Dimensions/hierarchies belonging to the filter bar do not have to belong to the cube(s) being used as a datasource for the selected screen.


4.2. Subset editor

The Subset Editor in can now be used to select elements and set the subsets / MDX expressions for Filters / Fixes / Rows & Columns.

4.3. Re-ordering fixed dimensions

Ability to reorder the Global Fixed dimensions and change the position of dimensions which are not part of the cube (grey dimensions) between Global Filters / Fixes


4.4. Selecting subsets for on-the-fly changes to row and column definitions

A multi-selection list is now provided to configure the subsets which can be used by users to change row and column element sets on the fly in Views. This can be easily configured directly from the view definition application.  

4.5. Clear or Reset a View

New Clear buttons to quickly reset view / dashboard settings


5. Views and Table Widget Improvements

  • New advanced option to make a View / Table widget Read Only. Even is a user has write access to the view/cells displayed in the view the UX allows the view to display in read-only mode.
  • New advanced option to initialize sorting by a specific column when opening a view.
  • New advanced option to initialize a 'Cross-Drill' on a specific element and dimension.

6. TI Pop-Up Improvements

After Running a TurboIntegrator process from a pop-up and closing the modal dialog the main view will be automatically refreshed.

7. New Global Parameters

  • Decimal point separator and Thousands Separator could be globally set for all charts under the 'default.constant.js' file    
  • Date Format to be displayed when using the  Date Picker can be set globally under the 'default.constant.js' file. the date format could also be overwritten on a View / Widget level.

8. Text Box Widget Improvements

The text box widget comes with 3 new features:

  • Ability to store rich text (using standard http markup)
  • Ability to set as a read-only mode
  • Able to vertically re-size

9. Settings Service / MDX Placeholders

UX version 2.2 allows much more flexibility and complexity by supporting replacing a value from the setting service on any MDX or Text input field including:

  • Titles for Dashboards / Views / Widgets
  • MDX replacements on Filter Bar / Columns / Rows / Fixed dimensions
  • Dimension labels

10. Default Home Page

Prior versions allowed for defining a global home page. UX version 2.2 allows default home page to be set for individual users. If no homepage is defined for an individual user then the globally defined home page setting is used. 

11. Export & Import Apps / Views between content stores

UX version 2.2 comes with a new feature to Export and Import Apps / Views / Dashboard between applications.

This feature facilitates migrations between Dev / Test / Production.

12. New Default Color Scheme for Charts

When creating charts without pre-defined colors a new default color palette will be used.



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