New Features

1. Multi Instances

  • Apliqo UX version 2.2 allows connecting to Multiple instances / Servers /Admin hosts, and allows users to combine data from all the PA/TM1 instances in the corporate environment.
  • In addition , the UX content store could be set as a complete separate PA instance  , which means there is no need to add any objects to the existing PA/TM1 intstances.


2. New Combined Table + Chart Widget

UX version 2.2 comes with a new Table+Chart Widget

The Widget has a few advanced option such as :

Hiding columns from the chart ( For example Total Year is not drawn on the chart)

Hiding Rows from the chart ( For example 'EMEA' and 'Asia' are not drawn on the chart)

Colors are respected both on the Chart and Table

Its using the same table component which supports all the Table out of the box features like commentary , Drill , ext... )


3. View Definition Enhancements

+ Button to add any dimension from the defined instances,


Use the Subset editor in order to set the subsets / MDX expressions for Filters / Fixes / Rows & Columns

Ability to reorder the Global Fixed dimensions and change the position of dimensions which are not part of the cube (grey dimensions) between Global Filters / Fixes


Subsets Selection for Rows and columns -

Could be easily configured directly from the view definition per view  

4. Views and Table Widget Improvements

New advanced option to make a View / Table widget Read Only Mode

New advanced option to initialize sorting by a specific column when opening a view.

5. TI Pop-up Improvements

After Running a TI from a pop-up and closing the modal dialog ,

the main view will be automatically refreshed.

6. Text Box Widget Improvements

The text box widget comes with 2 new features :

  • Ability to store enrich text
  • Ability to set as a read-only mode

7. Default Home Page per user

UX version 2.2 allows setting a default home page to all users at once,

and in addition , allows setting different home page for individual users.


8. Export & Import Apps / Views between content store

UX version 2.2 comes with a 2 new TI's to Export and Import Apps / Views / Dashboard between environemnts.

This new feature facilitates migrations between Dev / Test and Production.

TI's Names :

  •  }APQ.UX.Dim.App.Export
  •  }APQ.UX.Dim.App.Import


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