New Features

1. Improved Turbo-Integrator Process Widget

  • The new TI Process Widget from release 2.1 can now be used from table pop-up (in addition to the dashboard widget component and toolbar popup).
  • When using the subnm type for a parameter a display attribute can be set to select an attribute value rather than element principal name.


2. Export To PDF

Export to PDF is now available from all Dashboards / Views


3. Org Chart with KPI's

A new Org Chart component allows display of KPIs for each element. This also supports the Corporate Identity color scheme.


4. Documentation for Advanced Options

UX version 2.1.1 comes with a new documentation section, which enables to easily turn on / off and leverage the advanced options.

In addition to the model display the documentation can also be also be loaded in a different tab in a full screen mode.


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