Bug Fixes

1. Synchronization of Driver & Planning cubes under null suppression

When viewing the driver cube and respective planning cube side-by-side under zero-suppression it was possible that the rows would be out of alignment. For example a forecast method driver is selected, but the calculation method results in a forecast result of zero. Since a driver is entered this string value will show the row in the driver cube but the row will be suppressed in the planning cube.

A numeric check element has been added to check if a driver is entered and this feeds into the planning cube with a nominal value of 0.000001 in M0 and a counter balancing -0.000001 in M13. This will ensure that the row displays even though the calculated forecast for the year is still 0.

2. Minor Fixes

  1. Currency translation uses non-existing "Last Month" attribute
  2. BSEG Plan dimensions generated with orphans
  3. NA element not converted from operational to plan when creating Plan dimension
  4. Time lookup calculations not working in Revenue & Expense Planning cubes
  5. Disable copy of ACT from Planning to GL cube
  6. LY Actual phasing method not working
  7. Reference values in phasing model out by 1 year
  8. Remove old hardcoded OCoA accounts
  9. Number format not set for KPI accounts
  10. Remove hard coded debug text output
  11. Block driver input for non-leaf intersections
  12. T Year-Month relative time maintenance not working


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