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#388 - Support 2 column parent-child format in CoA mapping framework


CoA mapping framework should support a simple 2 column parent-child format to build an account rollup. Example of required format is shown on below figure.

Figure 1


New format called COMPACT is implemented into below listed processes. Existing format allowing to specify rollups in a tree form is still supported. To be able to distinguish between the two formats, the latter is called EXPANDED.

  • Processes to load a rollup into FPM:

  • }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Import.Cube - load rollup from a staging cube }APQ C3 FIN CoA Rollup Staging

  • }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Import.File - load rollup from a CSV file into staging cube }APQ C3 FIN CoA Rollup Staging or as a hierarchy directly into a template dimension FIN CoA Map.

  • }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Import.ODBC - load rollup from an ODBC database

  • Process to export a dimension from FPM:

  • }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Export - export existing dimension from FPM model into a CSV file.

Loading a rollup into FPM

Processes that load a rollup into the FPM model are able to determine type of format by querying vLevel3 cell in Total Rows row. If it contains COMPACT, reading of compact format is enabled. In this case the processes expect a parent element to be stored in vLevel1 column and child element in vLevel2 column. Should you need to define a root element, it is expected to be defined in vLevel1 column with no child in vLevel2. Element type and weights are defined as in previously implemented format (now called EXPANDED), the same applies to attributes and their values.

Exporting a dimension from FPM

Process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Export exporting a dimension from FPM has a new parameter to define required format of export pExportFormat. You may supply either EXPANDED - default or COMPACT value to determine type of export file.

#485 - Automatic handling of Code and Description multi-language variants in CoA framework


The CoA framework should be able to identify different language variants required for dimension attributes. In cases when Description attribute is imported into CoA framework, it should be able to automatically create Code and Description attributes in the same language variants as defined for Description attribute.


All import processes now handle situation when language variants are defined specifically for Description attribute. In this case all language variants of Description attribute will be mirrored to Code and Description attribute and their values will be available directly in the mapping cube }APQ C3 FIN CoA Map. The Code and Description attribute will be physically created in the language variants when syncing template dimension to a physical one.

#511 - Implement Sequence ID into Roundtrip


Implement Sequence ID logic to enable simple manipulation with order of roundtrip steps. The field will allow user to assign a Sequence ID value to each roundtrip step and replace implicit roundtrip sequence as defined by }APQ Item Index. Roundtrip steps will be executed in ascending order of Sequence ID values. Roundtrip step execution will be skipped in case the step has no Sequence ID assigned. Automatic migration of existing roundtrip configurations to new concept must be provided.


New element Sequence ID was added to }APQ C3 FIN Roundtrip Control Measure so user might pick a value of Sequence ID from a picklist to define sequence of given roundtrip step in }APQ C3 FIN Roundtrip Control cube. Roundtrip wrapper process }APQ.C3.FIN.Roundtrip.Main was refactored to use Sequence ID values in ascending order to define order in which roundtrip steps will be executed. Steps with no Sequence ID value assigned will not be executed. Users can still utilize pExecutionIndicesFilter parameter to define roundtrip steps from selected roundtrip configuration to run. The values refer to Sequence IDvalues and not to }APQ Item Index that currently serve as technical line items to store steps of a roundtrip configuration. Package process provides migration of existing roundtrip configurations to the new concept.

#419 - Add support to automate load of rollups into CoA framework


CoA framework should support automated load of rollups similarly to how roundtrip processes are orchestrated in roundtrip configuration cube. It should enable to assign any number of import steps for chosen target dimension with possibility to enter parameter values of import process involved in particular step. Basic operations like disabling/reenabling or changing order of import steps should be supported. There should be a master process created to be able to run import steps of chosen target dimension.


New cube }APQ C3 FIN CoA Rollup Control is defined to store various import steps configurations for target dimension. Prerequisite: Target dimension must already exist in CoA framework and must be present in FIN CoA ID. The cube allows user to define any number of import steps (limit 10000), imports can be provided from a CSV file, ODBC data source or CoA framework staging cube }APQ C3 FIN CoA Rollup Staging. Each step can be assigned its Sequence ID that defines order in which the import step will be executed when running the import configuration for given target dimension. If the import step doesn't have a Sequence ID assigned, it will not be executed. Steps are executed in ascending order of Sequence ID values. Values might have gaps between them, steps will still be executed in natural ascending order of Sequence ID values. Please note: If two or more steps share the same Sequence ID they might be executed in random order. New process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Import.Main was created to run import configuration for selected target dimension (supplied as parameter value pDim).

#513 - Add enable/disable step attribute to CoA and Roundtrip


Add additional feature to enable or disable any step defined in CoA control cube (}APQ C3 FIN CoA Rollup Control) and in Roundtrip control cube (}APQ C3 FIN CoA Map).


New flag Step Disabled was added into dimensions }APQ C3 FIN CoA Rollup Control Measure and }APQ C3 FIN CoA Map Measure, picklist was added to make sure only values 0 or 1 can be set (empty values are allowed, interpreted as 0). CoA import step or roundtrip step will be disabled when value of the flag is set to 1, otherwise the step is enabled.


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