#487 - Splicer: Support of UTF-8 text splicing


Splicer should be able to parse properly rule files that contain accented or special characters (all non-ASCII).

Potential Issue

Splicer will fail to parse a rule that contains invalid UTF-8 character sequences and will initiate rollback of changes.


Please make sure the rules always contain proper characters supported by UTF-8 format.

#531 - Add test to package pre process verify if SubsetElementExists works properly


Functions HierarchySubsetElementExists and SubsetElementExists do not work properly in certain versions of Planning Analytics and return 0 in all cases despite the element does exist in the subset. This issue renders such Planning Analytics versions not compatible with Apliqo FPM. Incompatible version found: (11.8.00400.7)


Functional test was added to package pre process to make sure both functions work properly.

Please note: The package pre process will fail further update processing in case the functions don't work as expected. In this case, please update your Planning Analytics.

#508 - Check performance of }APQ.C3.CoAMap.Import.Cube process


The execution time of }APQ.C3.CoAMap.Import.Cube is significantly higher by observation from testing of issue #419. The cause needs to be identified.


Attribute mirroring for alias Code and Description is causing performance degradation which may increase processing time by 200%. Below table shows example of run time comparison when rules in }ElementAttributes_FIN CoA Map and }LocalizedElementAttributes_FIN CoA Map are enabled and Code and Description is alias, second row shows runtime with both disabled, Code and Description still being alias, third case when alias is changed to string with rules in place. Pre package script makes sure Code and Description type is String and not Alias.


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