#476 - Refactor process APQ.C3.FIN.Cub.CapExPlanning.Update.From.CapExPlanningUpload


Remove parallel processing template from the process APQ.C3.FIN.Cub.CapExPlanning.Update.From.CapExPlanningUpload is intended to load smaller amounts of data from a staging cube FIN CapEx Planning Upload. Add standard messaging support to enable Apliqo UX to display process messages in UI.


The parallel processing template was removed and messaging template was added.

#484 - Allow roundtrip processing after a previous roundtrip processing fails


When roundtrip processing fails for any reason (stopped from Pulse by user for example), there is currently no way how to reset Status attribute of active roundtrip configuration (}APQ C3 FIN Roundtrip Configuration). The attribute would still indicate Running status despite processing has already finished. This would prevent subsequent attempts to run the roundtrip configuration again as roundtrip processing doesn't allow multiple instances of roundtrip configuration to be run at the same time.


New parameter pForceRun was added to process }APQ.C3.FIN.Roundtrip.Main (roundtrip processing wrapper). Setting the parameter value to 1 will switch off test preventing multiple instances of roundtrip processing based on Status attribute value of roundtrip configuration. Please note: Make sure when using that there is no other roundtrip processing running to prevent performance issues and locking events on the FPM server.

#494 - Improve handling of pParentRoot in import processes of CoA framework


All nodes that don't have a parent should be mapped under pParentRoot element if it is required.


Elements without parent are detected during import and added as descendants of pParentRoot if it was specified.

#496 - Improve performance of }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Sync process


Poor performance of process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Sync in ApliqoCC model was reported when promoting CON CoA dimension. Pulse shows rule calculation in }APQ FIN CoA Map cube. Figure 1


The ApliqoCC model contains rule applied to }ElementAttributes_CON CoA that is causing performance degradation of the process.


Process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Sync temporarily detaches }ElementAttributes rule of the dimension being promoted. The rule is reattached after attributes are set.

Please note: As a general recommendation }ElementAttributes of CoA dimensions should not be ever calculated. This recommendation applies especially in cases when calculated attribute is an alias.

#497 - Improve process }APQ.C3.Server.CleanupInstance


  • Logging to system log should be added into the cleanup process in order to have information about process progress.
  • Call of desplice method should be used for desplicing of cube rules.


Added logging into system log during start and finish of process steps. Process }APQ.UX.Splicer.Desplice.All is called in order to initiate cube rules desplicing.

#505 - Review roundtrip processes parameters to allow multiple selections


When running CB to OB yearly rollover process with pCompany filter set to multiple companies the process fails on company existence test. The process still uses check for a single company existence. There are similar tests across several other roundtrip data transfer processes that need to be removed to enable Bedrock style filters on pCompany and pCurrency.


Data transfer processes were reviewed and dimension element existence tests on pCompany and/or pCurrency were removed.

#512 - Handle non-breaking space character in CoA framework


In rare cases there may be non-breaking space (nbsp) present instead of regular space character between words in element names or attribute names. These should be always replaced by regular space characters to avoid any compatibility issues of element or attribute names as non-breaking space and regular space are treated as different characters.


All import processes (CSV, ODBC and cube imports) into CoA framework are replacing non-ASCII characters with regular space when reading attribute or element names from data source.

#386 - }APQ.C3.Dim.PlanDimension.Update add pRebuild equivalent parameter

Requirement Satisfied

Requirement is already satisfied, process contains pRebuildOption parameter.

#524 - Remove obsolete z_ processes and }APQ.C3.Dim.PlanDimension.Update.Attr.OpDimID and }APQ.C3.Dim.PlanDimension.Update.Attr.OpDimID.Recursive


Obsolete z_ processes and processes }APQ.C3.Dim.PlanDimension.Update.Attr.OpDimID and }APQ.C3.Dim.PlanDimension.Update.Attr.OpDimID.Recursive should be removed.


Processes are removed by package post process. Note: Server restart is required to complete removal of the processes.

#396 - }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.PlanDimension.Update should have pUpdateDirect parameter


The process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.PlanDimension.Update should have an option to generate physical plan dimension directly without need to call synchronization process. Additionally call to }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.SetFlags in epilog of the process should be optimized to prevent multiple calls to KPI and Total GL Account rollups generation that is unnecessary for operative dimension.


New parameter pUpdateDirect was added to the update process to enable running synchronization of plan dimension from template to physical dimension. New parameter pUpdateHierarchies was added to process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.SetFlags to switch off generating of KPI and Total GL Accounts rollups when the process is called from epilog of }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.PlanDimension.Update to generate Plan ID links in operative dimension.

#410 - Process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Sync should update KPI and Total GL Accounts rollups


Process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.Dimension.Sync should update KPI and Total GL Accounts rollups when required.


New parameter pUpdateHierarchies was added to the synchronization process to enable update of KPI and Total GL Accounts rollups before synchronization of the target dimension.

#532 - Remove customer specific objects


Following objects need to be removed from FPM model

  • Process APQ.C3.FIN.Cub.DebtPlanningDrivers.Update.From.CapexPlanning
  • Cube FIN CapEx planning Info
  • Dimensions CAP BSEG 2, CAP BSEG 3, CAP BSEG 4

The objects should be kept in place if required.


Package post process contains code that can be enabled if the objects are required to be removed - unless the code is modified, the package process will only log objects selected to be deleted, but the objects will stay in place. Please refer to package log after successful upgrade to 2021.3 to see if any of above objects were found and are ready to be deleted. You may either refer to system log or to cube }APQ C3 Version Audit to locate installation logs. If the objects are required to be removed, please enable appropriate steps in the post package process z.Upgrade.Package.2021.3.Post by setting variable nSkipStep to 0 before each step deleting each required object and rerun the package post process.

#467 - Add driver overrides to driver seeding process.


Manually override the drivers entered or inherited in the driver control cube with runtime inputs to the driver seeding process provided by the user.


Add new params to driver seeding process:

  • pMethod the driver method to seed
  • pPhasing the phasing method to seed
  • pRounding the decimal rounding
  • pInput the input value

The new parameters have the effect to do CellPutS to the driver control cube in prolog before seeding starts in combination with BSEG filters which are added with end result that user doesn't need to maintain & check driver control cube before running the seeding process.

#545 - Add default language option and mirror default language variants in regular attributes


When attributes in CoA mapping are localized the base attribute value also needs to be populated. (Otherwise in clients using C API and for locales with no attribute set no attribute value will be displayed).


A new setting was added into }APQ Settings for Default Locale rolling up into APQ Control Params.

Figure 1

When a rollup is imported into the}APQ C3 FIN CoA Map cube, the import process looks for the Description attribute in the default locale as setup in the}APQ Settings cube. If the attribute is found, both localized and regular Code and Description attributes will be created automatically during import for the target dimension in the CoA framework. The value of the regular attribute will be set to the value of the Code and Description attribute in the default locale automatically.

Note: The users don't need to manually add Code and Description attributes to their source rollups as the attributes are derived automatically from Description attributes by FPM.

#568 - Fix planning cubes load processes


The following needs to be refactored in planning cubes load processes:

  • fix rule detach/reattach
  • minimal starting month is M00 for }APQ.C3.FIN.Cub.BalanceSheetPlanning.Update.From.GeneralLedger
  • replace MDX with GENERATE logic when creating a source list of FIN OCoA accounts with a loop


Condition enabling rule detachment/reattachment feature was fixed, feature is enabled only when pMaxThreads is set to 1. The process now accepts M00 as a valid parameter value of pMonthFrom and pMonthTo parameters in }APQ.C3.FIN.Cub.BalanceSheetPlanning.Update.From.GeneralLedger. MDX creating a list of source FIN OCoA accounts was replaced with a WHILE loop logic, significant processing time improvement was gained by this change.

#470 - Operative dimension should be updated before Planning dimension automatically


Operative dimension should be automatically synchronized from a template dimension in FIN CoA Map to make sure mappings between planning and operative dimensions are valid.


New parameter pSyncOperativeDimension was added into process }APQ.C3.Dim.CoAMap.PlanDimension.Update. Default value of the parameter is 0 - synchronisation is off. Note: To synchronize planning dimension as part of plan dimension update, you may set the pUpdateDirect parameter to 1.

#569 - Improve logic of parameter handling in }APQ C3 FIN Planning Param Control cube for composite versions


Composite versions PYACT, ACTPYACT, ACTBUD, ACTFCST, and PYACTPYPYACT should inherit settings from the ACT version in the}APQ C3 FIN Planning Param Control cube. Similarly PYFBUD version should inherit settings from the FBUD version.


Settings are inherited by a rule that copies settings of ACT and FBUD versions to their composite versions.

#534 - Enable multi-select in driver seeding for BSEG & CoA filters


For BSEG & CoA filter entries enable "multi-selection" rather than single element selection in filters. (Will require change in front end to enable multi-select in SUBNM control in TI widget.) Implemented due to customer specific requirement.


Add new parameter pDelim and change the parameter evaluation and building of the data source filter for pBSEGn parameters and pCoA to allow concatenation of selected elements.


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